Biosisto produces certified reference materials

Biosisto produces and delivers microbiological certified reference materials. These reference materials can be used for first-line control, validation of methods and training purposes in food, dairy and water laboratories.  Biosisto her reference material can contain one organism (single-strain) or multiple organisms (multi-strain). A set of standard reference materials are regularly produced and can generally be delivered within 5 working days. Due to the flexible production process, Biosisto can produce custom made reference materials. These custom made reference material can be certified and adjusted to your specific requirements.

Biosisto produces in accordance with ISO 17034 and are accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). The accreditation can be found under number P001 at The custom made reference material is part of Biosisto her flex-scope, to improve your laboratory process in term of efficiency and effectivity.

Biosisto is looking forward to be a partner in your quality control and improvement process.