BiosistoStandard provides an easy way to display the criteria for individual analysis methods, process controls, the specific media and which control strains are required.

There are a large number of standards for counting and detection of micro-organisms. It is a challenge to set up the right process control, media control and external quality control for each method, whereby the analyst can continue his work without too much hassle.

By implementing these standards a large variety of media is used for the cultivation of the micro-organisms. If the results of a method are as expected it's not obvious, but there are many factors that affect productivity, selectivity and specificity. All aspects of the analytical process are of great importance in order to obtain reliable and reproducible results.

For the preparation, production, storage and determination of performance characteristics of culture media ISO 11133 was published in 2014. By using the standard, media can be investigated whether it meets the criteria with the use of control strains. 

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