Biosisto stands for Microbiological Control. Biosisto focuses on the production of microbiological reference material (RM), Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and an online Analysis software system (BiosistoChart) used by food, dairy and water laboratories for quality control purposes. Certified reference materials should be of unquestionable quality to provide an effective process control. Quality control could effect the organization in a positive manner, using modern means.


Since January 2016, Biosisto has adopted the production and the delivery of reference material from the Dutch Government’s Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).  Biosisto has the ambition to be the authority in microbiological reference materials, where quality and reliability are very important! In the coming years Biosisto will substantially invest in her products and services and the following innovations:

  • In addition to the development of single strain reference materials Biosisto is to produce an increasing amount of multi-strain reference materials. Together with the customer, Biosisto will pursue the smartest combinations of micro-organisms to achieve a more efficient, effective application of the first-line control of your laboratory. An additional benefit is lower waste of laboratorium materials. 
  • We invest a lot in our existing products by enhacing the production of our materials. We optimize the seperate steps in the production proces. We can produce our products with less deviation and batches are more similiar. Furthermore we are spending a lot of time in optimizing our production with the use of Flow Cytometry.
  • Biosisto has developed a online system for recording and capturing results of primary, first-line, controls named BiosistoChart. BiosistoChart is for recording the results of first-line control and to perform an cost effective third-line control on the first-line control data! 

Annemarie Mulder, Maarten de Vries and André Siccama are the founders of Biosisto.


Annemarie has worked for the NVWA at Groningen for 30 years. Since 1997 Annemarie has devoted her time entirely to the production of microbiological reference materials. In the year 2008 the CHEK working group of the NVWA earned the P001 accreditation for the production of materials as the first producer of microbiological materials in the Netherlands. Annemarie is independent and motivated to deliver good work. She is practical, flexible and feels very responsible for her work, with priority to customer satisfaction and quality.


André has 18 years’ experience in various laboratory environments and functions. He has worked in hospital, pharmaceutical, food, non-food and dairy laboratories. The last years André was responsible for the development and introduction of improvement programs and performing Root Cause Analyses in situations of uncontrolled quality. André gets satisfaction in achieving results and in taking responsibility for those results. He believes that everything always can get better.


Elize Schripsema works at Biosisto since May 2016. Before starting at Biosisto she had several jobs in the dairy business. Her former jobs were related to microbiological testing and quality management. Within Biosisto her main focus is the production, microbiological testing and all activities that are associated with the laboratory. She's very excited to work at a company with a large microbiological diversity, where quality and improvement are the key factor. She is looking forward to the future with this dedicated and enthusiastic team, to continue with our great and innovative work. Besides her work Elize does have several hobbies which include running, traveling and geology.


In April of 2016 Marieke started at Biosisto after she graduated from the Master Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the RUG. During her study she mostly worked with DNA constructions, GMOs and proteins. Now she is happy to work at Biosisto, with a high variety of different organisms. At Biosisto a motivated team monitors and controls these micro-organisms. Her main focus is on R&D, where the improvement of the production (using the Flow Cytometer)  is the major priority. In addition she also works on the production of our products. Next to the lab work, she writes our newsletter every 3 months, and other documents and documentation.


Maarten has 25 years’ experience in various IT functions. In the first years of his career he developed systems for internal chemical and microbiological laboratories for a pharmaceutical company. The last 12 years as an entrepreneur in internet application services. Maarten was from 2002 to 2012 together with two partners the owner and director of the IT company ApplicationNet b.v. which sold internet application services to large enterprise customers. Maarten is focused, enthusiastic, persistent and he is able to simplify things.